Aspiring entrepreneurs need quality legal advice to realize their dreams, but quality is not affordable. We know, first-hand, how difficult it is to follow a dream with plenty of ideas but few dollars. BEGIN is for entrepreneurs who want the highest quality legal advice, in a flexible package, at a price they can afford.

Whether you’re taking your first step as an entrepreneur, or branching out with additional businesses. BEGIN will help turn your dreams into reality.

With BEGIN, there’s nothing stopping you. Let your ideas shine.


BEGIN is a 3-step solution to opening your own business. You supply the great idea, and we handle the paperwork to get you started, structured, and growing. BEGIN is simple and affordable, and done to RJS LAW’s highest standards of quality.

BEGIN by RJS LAW gives entrepreneurs the very best legal advice at affordable pricing options today, with the assurance that they will enjoy RJS LAW’s value pricing for their entire journey.

How does it Work?

BEGIN by RJS LAW is all you need to go from great idea to open for business. Here’s
how we help:

Option #1
Create – (Incorporation Provincial or Federal) Inclusive of all government and processing fees, including all base organizational documents for your new corporation.

Incorporation & Organization

Option # 2
Includes everything in “Create” plus assistance in the setting up of the structure of your business through the creation of a Shareholders Agreement.

Incorporation & Organization Shareholders Agreement

Option #3
Includes everything in “Create” and “Structure” plus a choice of two growth documents that help bring your business to the next level.

Incorporation & Organization Shareholders Agreement. Plus a choice of two growth documents:

  • Nondisclosure
  • Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Custom Share Certificate and other Employment-Related Documents

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