RJS LAW Provides:

  • RJS LAW has a large network of experts and outside professionals with whom we work closely to provide our clients with a complete team of expertise. This includes: Real Estate Agents, Tax Experts, Accountants, Indirect Tax Experts, Bankers, and many others.
  • Complete corporate legal services incorporations, complete organization, record keeping, reorganizations, amalgamations, wind-up and dissolution, preparation of shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and much more…
  • Planning and execution of the acquisition or disposition of shares or assets of a private business.
  • Franchises and joint ventures (formation of limited partnerships, professional corporations (Doctors, Accountants and Dentists) and forms of syndicated investment.)
  • Assisting start-up companies with their business plans (organizational structures, regulatory filings, and corporate registrations

Corporate/Commercial Law

The Corporate law group consists of talented business lawyers headed up by the firm’s Managing and senior Business Lawyer, Ron Smith. RJS LAW has many long term clients who rely upon us for all of their business and legal needs. Former General Counsel and Business Executive, Ron takes pride in contributing to our clients’ growth and success.

  • Corporate / Commercial Services

    We can assist with all of your corporate/commercial and contract needs, including those related to,

    • Incorporation and organization
    • Amalgamations and dissolutions
    • Commercial leasing
    • Business acquisitions and sales
    • Commercial agreements and contracts for any purpose
    • Security agreements, PPSA registrations/discharges and secured financing support services to lenders of all sizes
    • Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements
    • Corporate record keeping
    • Development matters and construction agreements

    We would be pleased to discuss your business needs.

  • Regulatory and Financial Services

    RJS LAW provides specialty risk, agency and regulatory services.

    • Review and evaluation of regulatory compliance requirements
    • Extra-provincial licensing
    • Product or service licensing guidance and rollout preparations
    • Warranty and Insurance form review and preparation
    • Legislative monitoring and update services for specific programs, products and offerings
    • RIBO reviews, discipline matters, licensing

    At RJS LAW we also know insurance, as Ron Smith is a registrant with RIBO, and a provincial insurance nominee in B.C., Alberta, and N.B.

    Ask us today about our end to end services. Let us help you from product idea to policy review to regulatory approval and finally implementation.

  • Litigation

    Skilled and experienced litigation professional(s) provide an array of services to protect or enforce your rights in Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement, Employment Litigation, and Real Estate related Litigation.

    Litigation support includes,

    Pre-litigation Mediation and Resolutions, preparation of all pleadings, witness review and witness preparation, court and motion attendances, and trials in both Small Claims Court and Superior Court.

    We also provide litigation support in regards to Alternative Dispute Resolution and Tribunal attendances.

    RJS LAW can also facilitate all aspects of your litigation needs. Should you find yourself needing to enforce or uphold your rights or if you are the subject of a complaint, hearing or claim, give our litigation team a call today and see how we can assist you.

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property professional(s) provides an array of services to protect and commercialize the intellectual property of companies and independent researchers. We have the experience to commence support at the inception stage through marketing of the final property.

    Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial, intellectual property and information technology related agreements, which include material transfer agreements, joint venture, collaborative and non-collaborative agreements, data transfer, data sharing, data usage, and software licensing agreements, equipment transfer agreements, non-disclosure and publication matters.

    RJS LAW can also facilitate the smallest of Trademark and Copyright applications directly and through a network of agent partners.

  • Franchise

    For franchisers and distributors, RJS LAW can assist in the establishing or expanding of a franchise and/or distribution systems, protecting intellectual property and maintaining friendly franchise relations.

    For franchisees and distribution intermediaries, RJS LAW assists our clients in advising and informing them about the business opportunity and legal issues such as tax, estate and succession planning, rights and obligations of being a franchisee or distributor.

    From your first franchise to your tenth, RJS LAW is here to help you walk through the process.

  • Employment

    Employment law includes legal matters such as employee terminations, employee contracts and human rights. Layoffs and terminations can be a potential minefield for many employers. Timely advice from an employment lawyer can help you manage the process, avoid many pitfalls and minimize both the financial and emotional cost of staff reductions.

    Every employment relationship is a contract, even if the terms aren’t written down. Concepts such as “severance package”, “wrongful dismissal” and “constructive dismissal” all derive from the contractual nature of the employment relationship. RJS LAW can help you determine your rights as an employer and how to protect your company from its employees.

    The obligations of a employee to an employer, such as: the duties of confidentiality, good faith, non-competition, non-solicitation, and fiduciary duty, are complicated and can result in significant liability if not abided by. RJS LAW can help you in these areas as well.

    Beyond terminations, RJS LAW can help you with all of your Human Resource questions such as: overtime, vacations and leave, the disabled employee, discrimination and human rights, retirement, pensions, Workplace Safety, or workplace testing. RJS LAW can also help you develop a set of legal documents for you to use in your business such as: employment contracts, executive compensation, policy handbooks and other agreements. RJS LAW can help you navigate the Employment Standards Act, the Canadian Labour Code, and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  • In-House Counsel Services

    Need legal support often but don’t want to hire an in-house lawyer? We can help by learning your business and becoming a part of your team. We provide in-house counsel services at a fix monthly fee-a fraction of what you would pay in-house lawyer and definitely less than paying a lawyer by the hour.

    We can help with the following and more:

    • Review and drafting agreements
    • Drafting offer letters and letter of employment
    • Drafting letters of termination and releases
    • Reviewing and drafting non-disclosure agreements/confidentiality agreements
    • Reviewing or drafting purchase and sale terms, standard terms, privacy policies, etc.
    • Attending meetings and conference calls where legal support is needed
    • Preparation of corporate resolutions
    • Preparing letters of intent
    • Due diligence and searches
    • Regulatory compliance obligations
    • Providing corporate secretary (minute book upkeep, share transfer, officer and director updates)
  • Commercial Real Estate

    RJS LAW offers commercial real estate services, including acquisition and disposition, leasing and financing of industrial and commercial properties and condominiums, as well as legal services in connection with mortgages, debentures and other forms of secured financing.

    Services offered include:

    • Preparation and/or review of Purchase and Sale Agreements/Contracts
    • Acquisition and Structuring of Commercial Real Estate and Investment Properties
    • Leasing, Subleasing and Assignments
    • Condominium Documentation
    • Land Rezoning and Development